2005 - Livin' The Dream


DVD 1 : Live in the UK 2005
Brand New Morning
Backstreet Kid
Need A Lot Of Love
Soldier Of The Line
We All Run
Kingdom Of Madness
Sacred Hour
How Far Jerusalem
Just Like An Arrow
On A Storyteller´s Night
Before First Light
Les Morts Dansant
Endless Love
Two Hearts
Steal Your Heart
All England´s Eyes
The Last Dance

DVD 2 : Extra Features
Rockin' Chair (Promo Video)
Lonely Night (Promo Video)
It Must Have Been Love (Promo Video)
Days Of No Trust (Promo Video)
Start Talkin' Love (Promo Video)
Just Like An Arrow (Promo Video)
Heart Broke And Busted (Promo Video)
Midnight (Promo Video)
The Spirit (Acoustic)
View From The Queue
Slide Show
On The Road Again
On Tour Documentary
Rehearsing The Storytellers Tour