2002 - Long Days, Black Nights

Sanctuary Records

Disc 1 :
Kingdom of Madness
In the Beginning (Edit)
All Come Together
Great Adventure
Changes (Remix)
If I Could Live Forever (Live)
All of My Life (Live)
The Lights Burned Out
Soldier of the Line
The Spirit
Sacred Hour
The Teacher
Runaround Sue (Live)

Disc 2 :
The Prize
Road to Paradise
The Great Disaster
The Word
Just Like an Arrow
Endless Love
How Far Jerusalem
On a Storyteller's Night
Before First Light
Rock Heavy
The Tall Ships (Live)
Vigilante (Live)
Days of No Trust (Live)
Start Talking Love (Live)
Rockin' Chair (Live)

Disc 3 :
Only in America (Live)
Les Mort Dansant (Live)
Wild Swan (Live)
Heart Broken Busted (Acoustic)
Foolish Heart (Acoustic)
Lonely Night (Acoustic)
Without Your Love (Acoustic)
Sea Bird (Demo)
Stormbringer (Demo)
Slipping Away (Demo)
Captain America (Demo)
True Fine Love (Outtake)
The Prize (BBC session)
Breakdown (BBC session)
Vicious Companions (BBC session)
Road to Paradise (BBC session)